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Pucci Amanda Jhones
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Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams

Love Jhones
Just a Matter of Time

Had a swingin' evening last night performing at Birdland with vocalist Pucci Amanda Jhones. Pucci is an unsung hero who deserves wider recognition. She's a serious jazz swinger/singer who takes no prisoners. She's is a great leader who will change things up instantly on stage at a whim which is fantastic because it keeps the musicians always on their toes and makes things even more fun. And she doesn't freak when the rhythm section throws her a few curves. In fact she encourages it, deals and smiles with that sly look that says, "Yeaaah MF's." And it was great to perform with two young great players; pianist Matt Baker from Australia and Tommy Morimoto on tenor from the Left Coast. Eric Lemon is always a great anchor and a fantastic soloist on bass and Pucci outdoes herself whether it's an up-tempo burner or an intimate ballad which she takes to another level emotionally as she did on an original piece she composed for her Mom.

-- Bobby Sanabria.

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